I, Venkatesh Alagarsamy

  • UX Researcher
  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Front-end UI Developer
Performing over 15+yrs. as a
UI/UX Professional
with proven know, how to combine Creativity & Usability viewpoints. Resulting, best in class experience apps in Web, Mobile, Tab, Hybrid and Enterprise Applications.
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Team Words

  • Manager at Harman Connected Services

    "As a UI + UX designer and developer he has demonstrated extensive skill and commitment to the work. He reported to me for almost 3 year. He was very professional and great to work with. I highly recommend for any project involving UI & UX skills."

    - ZipRecruiter -
  • Program Manager at Microsoft

    "I've had the privilege of working with Venkatesh on multiple projects. Venkat's creative thinking, innovative approach and positive self-driven attitude made him an absolute pleasure to work with. Venkat delivered exceptionally great designs and the work got wide appreciation within the customer organization. His strengths are quick to understand the requirements, coming up with new unique designs that elevates the user experience and follow through the implementation. Venkat is an excellent team player and I highly recommend to anyone."

    - Linkedin -
  • Associate Technical Architect at Harman Connected Services

    "Venkatesh is very innovative in designing the UI and he always thinks different while working on any new applications. He will come with very neat structured CSS and HTML and it helps very much the team members in plugging in to the page and working smoothly.

    Dedicated hard worker and always like to help multiple projects in the same time by spending extra effort."

    - Linkedin -
  • Software Development Engineer at Amazon

    "Venkatesh and I worked on 2 UI intensive web projects (one year). The turnaround of the CSS deliverables and changes were on time which helped the development team to integrate the changes in a timely manner and meet the project schedule. Due to tight deadlines and frequent changes team had to put in additional effort and Venkatesh was accomodative in those times."

    - Linkedin -
  • UX Designer at Aditi Technologies

    "Venkatesh is multi skilled resource, creative and good team member who accepts the challenges by absorbing the requirements instantly and delivers quickly. Positive side of Venkatesh is that he has hands-on on visual design, front end and User Experience Design, good fit for the team who can handle both UI and UX."

    - Linkedin -
  • Technical Lead - Product Development at Aditi Technologies

    "I got the privilege to work with Venkatesh on various projects. When he is around, your burden on the UI part as web/back-end developer reduces dramatically as he takes care almost everything using CSS. I always amazed about his creativity. Each and every time he comes with very meaningful and impactful design. I still remember an incident where one of out client was playing with his excellent UI trick on the entire call (some meeting).

    He is very specific and passionate about his work. I enjoy talking to him regarding new UI trends that emerges in the industry. He is quick in adopting them. I highly recommend Venkatesh for any UX/UI work."

    - Linkedin -
  • Technical Test Lead at Infosys

    "Venkatesh was an exceptional professional in his UI design skills. Whether it is Web application, iPhone application or any other mobile application, his designs were coming out with his innovative ideas, which were highly appreciated by the users of the application."

    - Linkedin -
  • Sr. Interaction Designer at Imaginea Design Labs

    "Venkatesh is one of the good UI designer and front-end developer I have met so far. The quality of design he does is very nice. I had good opportunity to discuss few thing with him about design and every time it was so nice to meet him. I think he is very responsible and dependable resource for any project or company."

    - Linkedin -
  • Technical Architect at Harman Connected Services

    "It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Venkatesh Alagarsamy . I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Venkatesh for 5 yrs, during which he designed UI/UX for all the websites I have developed. His designing skills are exceptionally awesome. He use to be updated with technology and try to implement new things in every new project . Venkatesh would be a true asset for any positions requiring UI/UX desiging and execution and comes with my heartfelt recommendation."

    - Linkedin -
  • Designer

    "Venkatesh!!! Mr.Venky as we call him is a very creative guy. His immense knowledge in design and color theory has helped a lot in creating some of the most beautiful designs for some top clients in the past... He was very intuitive and a keen learner. Interesting fact about Mr.Benki is he shares his knowledge with his sub-ordinates and ensures everyone in his team are up to date with the latest in the technology... Lucky to work with him in sourceN... Thank you venky!!!"

    - Linkedin -
  • CTO at FuGenX Technologies

    "Venkatesh understands requirements very well and delivery to your delight. Great mix of UX & UI talent.."

    - Linkedin -



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