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UX Design Professional
With proven expertise in seamlessly blending creativity with a focus on usability. This unique approach has consistently yielded best-in-class experiences across a spectrum of platforms, including web, mobile, tablets, hybrid, and enterprise applications.


UX Journey

  • Microsoft Partner

    Learning Paths

    Microsoft Learning Paths Surface and Web Application is an online platform for partner firms to learn about Microsoft solutions. It offers structured learning, organized by product, with access to assessments and certifications for employees to enhance their skills.

    • Create an intuitive and user-friendly online platform for partners to access Microsoft learning resources.

    • Organize learning content into easily navigable paths based on Microsoft products and solutions.

    • Enable users to track their progress, take assessments, and earn certifications.

    • Provide a seamless user experience across desktop and web applications.

    • Conducting user research to understand the needs and preferences of partner employees.

    • Creating wireframes and prototypes for the user interface design.

    • Collaborating with developers to ensure the implementation of design specifications.

    • Conducting usability testing to gather feedback and iterate on the design.

    Research and Analysis (Analyzed competitor platforms to understand industry best practices and user expectations. Created user personas and user journey maps to visualize the learning process and identify touchpoints)

    Wireframing and Prototyping (Designed wireframes for key screens, including the homepage, learning paths, assessments, and certification pages. Created interactive prototypes using tools like Adobe XD to simulate user interactions and navigation flow.)

    Visual Design (Established a visual design system consistent with Microsoft's brand guidelines, incorporating elements such as colors, typography, and iconography. Designed UI components and layouts to enhance readability and usability across different devices and screen sizes.)

    Usability Testing and Iteration (Conducted usability testing sessions with target users to gather feedback on the prototype. Identified pain points and areas for improvement based on user feedback and iterated on the design accordingly.)

    • Improved accessibility to Microsoft learning resources, leading to increased user engagement.

    • Simplified navigation and content discovery, resulting in higher completion rates for learning paths and assessments.

    • Positive feedback from users regarding the intuitive interface and seamless user experience.

  • Microsoft


    Microsoft Whitespaces Database system is a critical tool designed to maintain records of all authorized services in the TV frequency bands for a specific geographic location. This system plays a crucial role in managing spectrum resources efficiently, ensuring minimal interference between different services operating within the same frequency bands.

    The primary goal of this project was to enhance the usability and user experience of the Microsoft Whitespaces Database system. The aim was to streamline the process of accessing and managing records of authorized services, ultimately improving the efficiency and effectiveness of spectrum management tasks.

    To kick off the project, extensive user research was conducted to gain insights into the needs, pain points, and workflows of the system's users, which primarily include spectrum regulators and administrators.

    Task Analysis (A detailed analysis of the tasks performed within the system was conducted to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement.)

    Competitive Analysis (An analysis of similar spectrum management tools was conducted to identify best practices and potential areas of innovation.)

    Based on the insights gathered during the research phase, the design phase focused on creating a user-centered interface for the Whitespaces Database system. Key design considerations included

    Wireframing (Low-fidelity wireframes were created to outline the structure and layout of the system, ensuring easy navigation and access to key functionalities.)

    Prototyping (High-fidelity prototypes were developed to simulate the interactive experience of using the system, allowing for usability testing and feedback from users.)

    The prototypes were subjected to rigorous usability testing with spectrum regulators and administrators to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed design improvements. Feedback from users was collected and incorporated into iterative design iterations to address any usability issues and refine the user experience further.

    Once the design was finalized based on user feedback, it was handed off to the development team for implementation. Close collaboration between designers and developers ensured that the design vision was translated accurately into the final product. The updated version of the Whitespaces Database system was deployed to users, along with comprehensive training and support materials to facilitate a smooth transition.

    As a result, we were able to identify key areas for improvement in the Microsoft Whitespaces Database System, leading to more informed design decisions and ultimately a more user-centric product.

  • Microsoft

    Spectrum Observatory

    The Microsoft Spectrum Observatory Analytics Web & Mobile Application is a comprehensive tool designed to provide real-time analytics and insights for managing and optimizing spectrum usage. The application allows users to monitor, analyze, and visualize spectrum data collected from various sources, empowering them to make informed decisions and improve spectrum utilization efficiency.

    • Enhance Spectrum Management: Develop a user-friendly platform to help spectrum managers effectively monitor and manage spectrum resources.

    • Improve Decision-Making: Provide intuitive analytics and visualizations to facilitate data-driven decision-making processes.

    • Optimize Spectrum Utilization: Enable users to identify spectrum usage patterns and opportunities for optimizing spectrum utilization.

    Conducted interviews and surveys with spectrum managers and stakeholders to understand their needs, pain points, and workflow requirements. Identified key user personas, including spectrum managers, network engineers, and regulatory officials.

    Analyzed existing spectrum management tools and platforms to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for differentiation. Gathered insights on industry best practices and emerging trends in spectrum analytics.

    Developed a hierarchical information architecture to organize complex spectrum data into intuitive categories and navigation paths. Prioritized key features such as spectrum monitoring, analytics dashboards, and reporting tools.

    Created low-fidelity wireframes and interactive prototypes to visualize the application's structure and user flow. Iteratively refined design concepts based on user feedback and usability testing.

    Applied Microsoft's design language and brand guidelines to create a modern and cohesive visual identity for the application. Used a clean and intuitive interface design with emphasis on data visualization and accessibility.

    Collaborated closely with developers to implement responsive web and mobile interfaces using industry-standard technologies. Conducted usability testing sessions to validate design decisions and identify usability issues for refinement.

    Results & Impact

    Users reported increased efficiency in monitoring and managing spectrum resources, leading to better spectrum allocation and utilization.

    Responsive design for seamless access and usability across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

    Access to real-time analytics and insights empowered users to make data-driven decisions and respond quickly to spectrum-related challenges.

    Positive feedback from users regarding the application's usability, visual design, and overall user experience.

    Received industry accolades and recognition for innovation in spectrum analytics and management solutions.

Work Samples


  • Skype


    The Microsoft Skype Experience Engine serves as a centralized platform for managing all Skype feedback and related workflows. This internal application is exclusively accessible to Microsoft Full-Time Employees (FTEs), allowing them to efficiently submit and track feedback directly within the portal.

  • Microsoft

    Cloud Asset Manager

    The Microsoft Cloud Asset Manager is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline the management and optimization of cloud assets across the organization.

  • Microsoft


    GLIMR is a comprehensive asset inventory management application designed to streamline the tracking and management of assets. It serves as a centralized platform accessible to Microsoft's internal teams, external partners, and vendors, providing seamless collaboration and efficient management of assets across the organization.

  • Microsot

    Windows Device Group

    The Microsoft Windows Device Group is a division within Microsoft Corporation that focuses on the development, production, and marketing of devices running the Windows operating system. This includes a wide range of products such as Surface laptops, tablets, and desktops, as well as accessories like keyboards, mice, and headphones. The group is committed to delivering innovative, high-quality devices that enhance productivity and empower users to achieve more in their personal and professional lives.

Interactive Prototype

  • Microsoft Partner Network


    Microsoft Partner Network's flagship product, Avesta, is a dynamic tool designed to unearth opportunities amidst adversity.

Tablet/ Surface/ Mobile App

  • Microsoft Partner

    Learning Paths

    The platform facilitates partner engagement with Microsoft solutions and products by providing organized content categorized by product lines. Partner employees can access learning paths, assessments, and certifications tailored to specific product segments, enabling them to enhance their skills and knowledge effectively.

  • Microsoft


  • Microsoft

    Spectrum Observatory

    The Microsoft Whitespaces Database system is designed to catalog and manage records of authorized services operating within TV frequency bands within a defined geographic area.

Mobile First Design

  • Wallflower - Android & iOS

    Wallflower aims to address household fire risks and unattended cooking incidents through its innovative iPhone and Android application.

  • Onvia

    OKI Golf - Android & iOS

    The Onvia OKI Golf Android and iOS application is a cutting-edge mobile platform designed to enhance the golfing experience for users. Offering seamless access to comprehensive course information, booking capabilities, and personalized features, this app revolutionizes how golfers engage with their favorite sport.

  • Sherpa - iOS

    The Sherpa iOS application is a cutting-edge mobile platform designed to revolutionize the way users navigate and explore the great outdoors.


    The POSORNOT HIV Social Group iOS application is a pioneering mobile platform designed to provide support and community engagement for individuals living with HIV. Through its intuitive interface and comprehensive features, the app aims to foster connection, education, and empowerment among its users, empowering them to navigate their HIV journey with confidence and dignity.

Hybrid App (UX/UI/UID)

  • Microsoft

    Spectrum Observatory

    The Microsoft Spectrum Observatory is a comprehensive platform designed to analyze and monitor radio frequency spectrum usage. It provides valuable insights into spectrum availability, usage patterns, and potential interference sources, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions regarding wireless communications and spectrum management.

Web Apps

  • Skype


    The Microsoft Skype Experience Engine serves as a centralized platform for managing all Skype feedback and related workflows. This internal application is exclusively accessible to Microsoft Full-Time Employees (FTEs), allowing them to efficiently submit and track feedback directly within the portal.

  • Microsoft

    User Research Tool

    URT is a user research content search engine designed as a comprehensive knowledge repository. It serves as a centralized platform accessible to both Microsoft Internal FTEs and External Vendors, facilitating easy access to valuable user research resources.

  • Microsoft


    The Microsoft Floodlight Cloud Network Management is an internal web application tailored to streamline network management processes within the organization. Specifically designed for Microsoft's internal network infrastructure, this application offers comprehensive tools and functionalities to monitor, configure, and optimize network resources efficiently. It serves as a centralized platform for network administrators to oversee network operations, troubleshoot issues, and ensure optimal performance across various Microsoft cloud services and data centers.

  • Microsoft


    The Microsoft BGC Database Management Application is a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline and optimize the management of background checks (BGC) within the company's ecosystem.

  • IconTub

    ICONTUB is an innovative e-commerce application designed to revolutionize the graphic icon inventory industry. With a comprehensive selection of graphic icons, it offers a seamless platform for users to browse, purchase, and manage their icon collections with ease.

  • Live My Moments

    "LIVE MY MOMENT" is a comprehensive web portal dedicated to wedding photography, offering clients the ability to effortlessly manage their photo orders and preserve their cherished memories. With this platform, users can easily access and maintain their collection of memorable photographs, ensuring their special moments are preserved for a lifetime.

  • Cumulux IDC


    Opstera is a comprehensive web analytics platform designed to provide in-depth insights into website performance and user behavior.


  • Microsoft Surface

    Commercial Order - E-Commerce

    SCO (Surface Commerce Online) is Microsoft's premier ecommerce portal exclusively dedicated to the distribution and sale of Surface devices.

  • Microsoft


    The Microsoft Whitespaces Database site provides users with the capability to identify and access unoccupied TV channels based on their location, enabling efficient utilization of available frequency spectrum resources..

  • meBaze

    MEBAZE is a dynamic Designer Blog that serves as a valuable resource for designers seeking to enhance their skills and stay abreast of evolving market trends.

  • Cosmopicks

    COSMOPICKS is an innovative digital platform designed to revolutionize the way users discover, curate, and share their favorite cosmetic products.

  • UCSF

    UCSF (University of California, San Francisco) is a leading research university and medical center dedicated to advancing health worldwide through innovative research, education, and patient care.

Enterprise Apps

  • Intel

    Performance Estimatore

    The Intel Performance Estimator is a sophisticated tool developed by Intel to accurately assess and predict the performance of various computing configurations. It allows users to input different hardware components and configurations to estimate the overall performance metrics, helping them make informed decisions when designing or upgrading their systems.

Motion Graphics

  • SourceN

    Vimosoco Demo (DELL)

    The Vimosoco Demo Reel for DELL is a captivating showcase of innovative technologies and solutions tailored specifically for DELL's product line. Highlighting key features, functionalities, and benefits, this reel offers an engaging overview of how Vimosoco enhances the user experience and maximizes the potential of DELL products.


Technology/ Skill Expertise

Core Skills

User Flow & Process Flow Tools

Wireframe Tools

Prototypes/ Presentation Tools

Graphic Tools


Content Management System




Interested in Technologies

Team Words

  • Business Support Developer at GuideWell

    "I worked with Venkatesh on a project where he worked as a UX designer . He's an amazing UX designer. He is great at stepping outside of himself to understand the experience of the end user. He's also a creative problem solver, typically having multiple solutions for a given problem. In addition to being a talented UX designer, Venkatesh is a very hard worker. During this project, he worked many nights and weekends to meet aggressive deliverables. These deliverables were accomplished in big part because of his skills and work ethic.."

    - Linkedin -
  • Director at SourceN Inc

    "Venkatesh is a very cool guy once you know him. He has a very good eye for detail & design. He works quickly and gets the job done with little input. At times even with a sketchy brief he has come up with great designs. He is reliable and a good person to hire for any team. I wish him all the best for his endeavours."

    - Linkedin -
  • Technical Project Manager at Harman Connected Services

    "As a UI + UX designer and developer he has demonstrated extensive skill and commitment to the work. He reported to me for almost 3 year. He was very professional and great to work with. I highly recommend for any project involving UI & UX skills."

    - Linkedin -
  • Program Manager at Microsoft

    "I've had the privilege of working with Venkatesh on multiple projects. Venkat's creative thinking, innovative approach and positive self-driven attitude made him an absolute pleasure to work with. Venkat delivered exceptionally great designs and the work got wide appreciation within the customer organization. His strengths are quick to understand the requirements, coming up with new unique designs that elevates the user experience and follow through the implementation. Venkat is an excellent team player and I highly recommend to anyone."

    - Linkedin -
  • Associate Technical Architect at Harman Connected Services

    "Venkatesh is very innovative in designing the UI and he always thinks different while working on any new applications. He will come with very neat structured CSS and HTML and it helps very much the team members in plugging in to the page and working smoothly.

    Dedicated hard worker and always like to help multiple projects in the same time by spending extra effort."

    - Linkedin -
  • Software Development Engineer at Amazon

    "Venkatesh and I worked on 2 UI intensive web projects (one year). The turnaround of the CSS deliverables and changes were on time which helped the development team to integrate the changes in a timely manner and meet the project schedule. Due to tight deadlines and frequent changes team had to put in additional effort and Venkatesh was accomodative in those times."

    - Linkedin -
  • Software Engineer II at Microsoft

    "I had a chance to work with Venkatesh Alagarsamy with multiple Microsoft projects . He is a very good creative, hard working, UX/HTML/CSS designer. He made lot of Web developers job easy by handling complex animations with his exceptional CSS skills. I would recommend working with him in future again."

    - Linkedin -
  • Technical Lead - Product Development at Aditi Technologies

    "I got the privilege to work with Venkatesh on various projects. When he is around, your burden on the UI part as web/back-end developer reduces dramatically as he takes care almost everything using CSS. I always amazed about his creativity. Each and every time he comes with very meaningful and impactful design. I still remember an incident where one of out client was playing with his excellent UI trick on the entire call (some meeting).

    He is very specific and passionate about his work. I enjoy talking to him regarding new UI trends that emerges in the industry. He is quick in adopting them. I highly recommend Venkatesh for any UX/UI work."

    - Linkedin -
  • "Venkatesh is multi skilled resource, creative and good team member who accepts the challenges by absorbing the requirements instantly and delivers quickly. Positive side of Venkatesh is that he has hands-on on visual design, front end and User Experience Design, good fit for the team who can handle both UI and UX."

    - Linkedin -
  • Technical Test Lead at Infosys

    "Venkatesh was an exceptional professional in his UI design skills. Whether it is Web application, iPhone application or any other mobile application, his designs were coming out with his innovative ideas, which were highly appreciated by the users of the application."

    - Linkedin -
  • Sr. Experience Designer at Pramati Technologies Pvt Ltd.,

    "Venkatesh is one of the good UI designer and front-end developer I have met so far. The quality of design he does is very nice. I had good opportunity to discuss few thing with him about design and every time it was so nice to meet him. I think he is very responsible and dependable resource for any project or company."

    - Linkedin -
  • Technical Architect at Harman Connected Services

    "It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Venkatesh Alagarsamy . I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Venkatesh for 5 yrs, during which he designed UI/UX for all the websites I have developed. His designing skills are exceptionally awesome. He use to be updated with technology and try to implement new things in every new project . Venkatesh would be a true asset for any positions requiring UI/UX desiging and execution and comes with my heartfelt recommendation."

    - Linkedin -
  • Sr UX Interaction Designer at Baker Hughes

    "I am always inspired by Venkat's amazing creative skill and meaningful design solutions. Venkat would be an asset to any company or any design team always..."

    - Linkedin -
  • Web Designer

    "Venkatesh!!! Mr.Venky as we call him is a very creative guy. His immense knowledge in design and color theory has helped a lot in creating some of the most beautiful designs for some top clients in the past... He was very intuitive and a keen learner. Interesting fact about Mr.Benki is he shares his knowledge with his sub-ordinates and ensures everyone in his team are up to date with the latest in the technology... Lucky to work with him in sourceN... Thank you venky!!!"

    - Linkedin -
  • CTO at FuGenX Technologies

    "Venkatesh understands requirements very well and delivery to your delight. Great mix of UX & UI talent.."

    - Linkedin -



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